How to choose the right hairpiece for you:

Hairpiece 101:

Maybe this is your first wig or hairpiece? Maybe you've had so many different ones you dont know what's right for you? Or maybe you know exactly what you need but not sure how to describe it?!

Here is a breakdown of all our custom wigs and hairpieces and how to choose the best custom wig that will work for you:

Skin Top

Our Most popular and affordable and durable top hand tied and multidirectional - meaning you can part it anyway you like (center, side, deep side, you get my drift) It literally looks like a scalp and each hair is hand sewn onto it - don't worry no heads were hurt in the making.

Swiss Lace Top

This a thin piece of premium Swiss lace which is a little more delicate and not as durable, however it is the flattest most natural looking top and with the correct care will last a long time.

Lace Front

This is a combo of the above, we start with a beautiful multidirectional skin top scalp wig, then we finish the front with a piece of Swiss Lace usually at least half and inch and going along the hairline temple to temple, so you get durability and a natural flat hairline. Lace fronts are recommended for regular to high foreheads. 

Wefted Or Hand Tied?
This is referring to the back of the wig.


Wefts are rows of hair sewn into the super comfy cap. Wefted wigs can be worn in a low pony on the neck but can't be pulled up high. Wefted wigs are easier and more affordable to add /remove hair if and when needed. So you get a little more from your wig for example when, in 2 years from now you still love and want to wear your eta . eve custom wig but need to add some fullness we can add more wefts! 

Hand Tied

Hand Tied wigs are completely hand tied in the back each hair is individually sewn so it sits lighter on the head = more comfortable, great for the super sensitive head. These are also a little more versatile and can be worn up in a high pony and in almost any hairstyle. These are a little more costly to add / remove hair but for the client that needs the most versatility and a little extra comfort (because lets face it each eta . eve custom is ridiculously comfortable to begin with) then this is for you!


If you like to wear your hair out on the bottom but need coverage just on top then a hand tied lace topper is for you. Lighter density is recommended for thinner hairlines, thicker density for fuller hairlines. Usually circular shaped these are custom made in sizes 6 inch or 8 inch depending on the coverage you need. 


To add fullness and length to any hair use out top quality extensions. It can be colored to any hair color to match your own.


 Returns and Exchanges

Due to the nature of our custom wigs and hairpieces. Items unworn and in original condition can be exchanged if returned within 7 days of purchase. We cannot refund or accept returns. We will, however, do our best to exchange for the next best possible solution, please note additional charges may occur depending on the item that it is being exchanged for.